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Organising care and support

Independent, safe and well

There is a wide range of care and support providers throughout Cambridgeshire. Most people who contact us with concerns about needing residential care are able to remain safe, well and independent through other support. 

Find out more about types of care and support and how you can organise it.

Guide to Independent Living

The Guide to Independent Living on the Care Choices website also has information on care and support options. If you are unable to download the guide in PDF format or read it as an eBook, please contact us using the contact form below and we can post you a copy.

Care Together and Care Micro-Enterprises

We are working with small local organisations to increase care and support options across Cambridgeshire. You can find details of support in the How Are You (HAY) Cambridgeshire and Peterborough website.

More information about Care Together.

Visiting Support Service for Older People

Providing extra support when you need it most, including support with bereavement, finances and paperwork.

Organising adult social care if you are moving into Cambridgeshire

The Local Authority where you usually live will organise care for a temporary move to Cambridgeshire.

If you are moving permanently we can only accept a referral to adult social care when you are registered with a GP in Cambridgeshire. If you have not moved yet. the Local Authority where you live should assess you and transfer your case with their assessment when you move.

If you are moving permanently and already have a care package, your current Local Authority will support your move to Cambridgeshire. We will take over the care package once you are a Cambridgeshire resident.

If you want to move to Extra Care housing in Cambridgeshire, we will take the referral and assess whether you are eligible.

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