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Youth Offending Service

The Youth Offending Service aims to prevent offending and re-offending by young people aged 10-17. We also have a role in protecting the public. We provide comprehensive assessments and reports for the police and courts. This documentation informs decisions on pre-court disposals, court ordered outcomes and interventions that follow.

The service works in partnership (multi-agency) with:

  • police
  • health
  • education
  • children’s social care
  • probation

The work we do with young people, their family and victims takes place with input from the following people:

  • YOS social workers
  • probation officers
  • police officers
  • health professionals (such as psychologists and nurse)
  • drugs workers
  • education workers
  • restorative justice workers
  • accommodation officer
  • activities coordinator
  • other professionals who may know the young person or family.

During 'multi-agency risk planning meetings' we look at the needs, risks, safety, wellbeing and support for each young person.

Young offenders and young people released from custody with SEND

Support for young offenders and young people released from custody with SEND is coordinated by the Youth Offending Service (YOS). If a young person is in custody, the YOS Education, Training and Employment Co-ordinator will ensure that a copy of their latest statement or Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan is sent securely to the relevant institution.

Prior to a young person being released from custody, the YOS team will contact the education department of the secure estate to ensure the right kind of support is provided for a good resettlement and smooth transition into education or training within the community.

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