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Cambridgeshire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education


Local authorities have a duty to establish a Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) to advise them on matters relating to collective worship in community schools and on religious education. Religious education is a statutory part of the basic curriculum for all pupils. 

SACRE publishes support materials, approves a programme of training for teachers and sponsors or supports other projects, which it deems to be consistent with its responsibility to promote religious education and spiritual, moral, social and cultural education in schools. Each year Cambridgeshire SACRE submits a report of its activities to the National Association of SACREs (NASACRE).

Agreed Syllabus 2023-281.09MBpdf
Size: 1.09MBFile format: pdf
Primary Assessment statements121KBpdf
Size: 121KBFile format: pdf

SACRE meetings

SACRE meetings are held at least once a term. The meetings in 2023-24 will be held as follows:

  • 5 October 2023 4:30-6:30pm
  • 1 February 2024 4:30-6:30pm
  • 13 June 2024 4:30-6:30pm

If members of the public would like to attend any of the above meetings, please contact the clerk to SACRE to request further details / meeting link -

Agenda and Minutes

SACRE Meeting Agenda 1.2.24148KBpdf
Size: 148KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes 5.10.23127KBpdf
Size: 127KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes 6.10.22132KBpdf
Size: 132KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes Final 16.6.22150KBpdf
Size: 150KBFile format: pdf
ASC meeting agenda 30.3.22139KBpdf
Size: 139KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Meeting - 2-2-22 Agenda76KBpdf
Size: 76KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes-17-6-21209KBpdf
Size: 209KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes-3-2-21189KBpdf
Size: 189KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Meeting - 3.2.21 Agenda101KBpdf
Size: 101KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 23.9.20 Final179KBpdf
Size: 179KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 5.2.20 Final185KBpdf
Size: 185KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Meeting - 5.2.20 Agenda105KBpdf
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf

Older agendas and minutes are available at the bottom of this page 'Archived Agenda and Minutes'.

Further support

If you would like help and support with the RE curriculum or would like to attend any CPD training, please visit our Learn Together page for more information.

SACRE contact details

Amanda Fitton - General Adviser for Religious Education and SACRE

Laura Corcoran - SACRE Clerk for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough


Telephone: 01480 379 668

Postal address: Box No: STA2106, Stanton House, Stanton Way, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 6XL

Development Plans

Archived Agenda and Minutes

SACRE agenda 2 October 2019-199KBpdf
Size: 99KBFile format: pdf
SACRE agenda 20 June 2019-149KBpdf
Size: 49KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 20.6.19 Final269KBpdf
Size: 269KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 6 Feb19 Final259KBpdf
Size: 259KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes Cambs 021018252KBpdf
Size: 252KBFile format: pdf
13062018 SACRE meeting minutes1.37MBpdf
Size: 1.37MBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 04 Oct 2017418KBpdf
Size: 418KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 20 June 2017337KBpdf
Size: 337KBFile format: pdf
SACRE agenda 2 February 201744KBpdf
Size: 44KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 2 Feb 2017363KBpdf
Size: 363KBFile format: pdf
SACRE Minutes - 20 Oct 2016529KBpdf
Size: 529KBFile format: pdf