Bus pass delay

Due to a printing delay, bus passes will arrive a few days later than expected. Please only call us if you have not received your bus pass by Wednesday 2 September. Call 0345 045 5208 or email edtransport@cambridgeshire.gov.uk. Please also see our school transport plans and Covid-19 guidance for September.

Spare seat applications (mainstream)

These applications are not going to be reviewed until September, once all entitled pupils have been placed. Please ensure you have alternative transport provision in place as we cannot guarantee you will be informed prior to the start of the school term.

Post-16 applications (mainstream)

These will start being processed from Monday 24th August, please do not chase applications before this date and allow 10 working days for applications received after this date to be processed.

COVID compliance

Primary schools have been asked to implement seating plans for transport, seating siblings or year groups together within the transport. There may be some changes to times or seating, you will be contacted by your school if these are applied.

Secondary school aged pupils (11+) will be expected to wear a face covering in transport, provided by parents/carers. Any pupils exempt from wearing a face covering will need to provide proof to the SET Team. There may be some changes to times or seating, you will be contacted by your school if these are applied.

SEND Transport

The SET team are working with schools and their requested options for transport. This may mean your child being taken to school at a different time or with a different driver. The team will let you know details once these are available and arrange for Meet and Greets if required.

Further information will be shared as soon as possible, please refer back to the website periodically for updates.

School Transport

You are responsible for ensuring the necessary transport arrangements are made so that your children can attend school.

In certain circumstances, we will provide free home to school transport. We arrange school transport for children and young people in Cambridgeshire who are eligible for transport.

You will find further information on these pages about who is eligible for transport, our transport policies, how to apply and what other help might be available to you.

School Transport

Pre-16 School transport

Post-16 School transport

Pupils with Special educational needs (SEN)

Pre-16 School transport (SEN)

Post-16 School transport (SEN)


School transport - reviews and appeals