Children missing from education

  • If you have concerns for a child’s welfare, please call the Cambridgeshire County Council Contact Centre on 0345 045 5203.
  • If you believe a child is missing from education, please complete the online form. This referral will remain anonymous to the family. (Cambridgeshire Schools- Please do not use this form to refer to the LA - continue to use the 'LA Request for Intervention Form' on the Learn Together page.)

Please note: that the Local Authority cannot respond with any outcome of the investigations.

What 'missing from education' means

A child is missing from education when they are of compulsory school age of 5 to 16 years old and:

  • not registered on a school roll
  • not attending an alternate education provision

A child is not missing from education if they are:

  • being Electively Home Educated (EHE)
  • registered on a school roll and their whereabouts known, but not attending school

A child may become missing from education when:

  • they failed to start in Reception Year at a school
  • they did not transfer from one school to another. For example, when moved to / from another Local Authority area
  • they failed to transfer into a secondary or middle school
  • they have been permanently excluded from school
  • they have failed to register in a school after travelling / living overseas
  • their parent(s) are military personnel
  • they are part of a travelling community

Parent's responsibility

Your child may become missing from education, if you do not inform your child’s school or the Local Authority when you:

  • Move: you need to provide a new address and/or school
  • Emigrate: you need to provide a new address and if possible your child’s new school
  • Decide to Electively Home Educate (EHE): In the first instance discuss with your child’s school (if they are on a school roll). Please register with the local authority as EHE and notify us if you move. Contact:
  • Privately Educate: provide your child’s last school with the name of their new school
  • Are actively travelling for business as part of the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller community. To avoid being missing from education, you will need to provide a return date

Contact details

The Children Missing Education (CME) Team ensures that Cambridgeshire County Council fulfils its statutory responsibilities to identify children missing from education and respond accordingly. The Local Authority aims are to ensure that all children receive an education.