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Customers will receive quarterly bills via email or post for heat used in the previous quarter. Bills will be issued one week after the quarter ends; customers then have 30 days to pay the bill in full.

  • A sample heating bill is included in the customer information pack
  • Each customer will have a unique customer service number, this is important for security
  • The bill will include a monthly variable charge (for the total heat delivered in kWh) and the standing charge (based on property size).
Billing Quarter 4 - January, February, March. Billing Quarter 1 - April, May, June. Billing Quarter 2 - July, August, September. Billing Quarter 3 - October, November, December

How to pay your bill

Your preferred payment method will be agreed when you sign your Heat Supply Agreement, this can be updated at any time by contacting us.

Available payment methods include

  1. Payment via Direct Debit
  2. Payment on-line with a debit or credit card - (HeyCentric Payments Portal)
    • You will need the payment reference shown on the front of the bill to submit your payment
  3.  Internet banking or make a BACS payment direct to the council
    • Pay to ‘Cambridgeshire County Council', sort code: 20-17-68, account number: 50210463.
  4. Payment by phone.
    • 24-hour automated service: call 0300 456 0529. You will need a debit or credit card and will need to quote the payment reference on your invoice notice.
    • Call the LGSS Helpdesk on 0300 126 3003 during office hours (8.00am to 5.00pm).
    • If there is an issue with your bill, please contact

If you are struggling to pay your bill, please get in touch via and we will arrange for you to be put on a monthly payment plan, or discuss other options with you.

Setting up a Direct Debit

  1. If you wish to pay via Direct Debit, let the council know by ticking the box in your Heat Supply Agreement. Alternatively, contact customer services or
  2. The council will send you a Direct Debit mandate to fill in. This will need to be hand signed and returned by post or electronically (via scanner or phone) by email.
  3. Once the Income Processing team have set up a direct debit, a letter will be sent to you confirming that the Direct Debit has been set up.

You will not be charged for setting up or paying via Direct Debit.

Annual Account Statement

In January of each year, you will receive an Annual Account Statement which will contain:

  • The Heat Charge (including total variable charges, total standing charges and total VAT)
  • The amount of Heat energy consumed in the last 12 months, shown in kWh
  • The total charges over the period of the Annual Account Statement
  • Any other billing information such as historical energy consumption.

Other charges

There are occasions in which you could incur other additional charges, for example, you miss a pre-arranged maintenance check, or damage the heat meter or heat interface unit.

  • Any other additional charges incurred will be invoiced to you promptly, and provide information on why you have been charged. These charges will not be included in your quarterly invoice.
  • Payment for any additional charges should be paid via your usual payment method, see ‘How to pay your bill’ section above.
  • Information on Other Charges can be found in the Heat Supply Agreement.

Late or non-payments

For any late or non-payments, the Council will issue a reminder by phone and letter, suitable financial arrangements or re-payment plan can then be discussed. The Council will follow its Debt Policy, this is available on request

Guaranteed service payments/ Performance payments

The heat supply agreement includes Performance Objectives which the Council must deliver to ensure the quality heat supply that residents expect. If the Council is unable to meet the Performance Objectives, this will be known as a “Performance Failure” and the Council must make a Performance Payment to you within 31 Days of the event or upon receiving all information required to make the payment. We will contact you to agree payment method.

  • If you feel you are owed a Performance Payment, and the council has not already got in touch, please call the Contact Centre on 0345 045 5210 and press Option 1 or email
  • In the email subject header please state “Performance Payment: (add your address)” so that the email can be responded to appropriately. In your email please include your name, customer ID, date and time of interruption of the heat supply, and the performance failure as defined in section 9 paragraph 9.6 of the Heat Supply Agreement.
  • See section 9 of the for a detailed breakdown on information on Performance Objectives and Performance Payments.

Annual review of charges

Each year the Council will review all charges and make any necessary adjustments, more information is available in Appendix 2 Section 2 of the Heat Supply Agreement.

  • Performance Payments and payment caps shall be adjusted annually from 1 January in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index (see Appendix 2 of the Heat Supply Agreement).
  • The council will notify customers in writing, at least 31 days in advance of any change to charges, concessions, or discounts, unless otherwise agreed with the heat customer.

Price comparison tool

Compare the cost of heating on the Swaffham Prior Heat network with alternative heating costs by visiting the Heat Trust website.

If you need to report a problem with your bill or payment, please contact