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Swaffham Prior Heat Network - Additional support and energy advice

Cambridgeshire County Council wants to make sure we offer all of our customers the support they need to make sure they have access to heating and hot water, particularly in the winter months. If you or anyone in your home is a customer in a vulnerable situation we will help you as best we can, this includes customers that:

  • Have any special requirements, including those that are not able to represent their own interest and/or susceptible than others to changes in the energy market
  • Have a disability
  • Is chronically ill
  • Is mentally or physically disabled or having a hearing or visual impairment;
  • Is of pensionable age;
  • Is suffering severe financial insecurity and/or bereavement.

To make sure you get the help when you need it, please contact us so that we can add you to our Priority Services Register (PSR) if any of the above apply. If you have not provided this information when you signed the Heat Supply Agreement (page 4) or if your circumstances have changed please email and we can add you to the PSR.

The council will maintain an up-to-date Priority Services Register of Customers who identify themselves as customer in a vulnerable situation. All staff who engage with Customers, including heat network engineers will have access to the Priority Services Register. Staff will identify and assist customers who are registered.

Additional support to Priority Service Customers

  • Priority to access to alternative heating during any temporary disruption lasting more than 12 hours to the heat network
  • Read your meter if you are not able to do so
  • Priority service times for Engineer visits
  • Arranging someone you trust to help you manager your heating account. We can send letters and statements to them directly. You can also give us authority to speak to them on your behalf over the telephone
  • Setting up a password to identify a person working on our behalf
  • Providing support to help manage your account if you are visually or hearing impaired
  • Putting you in touch with advice and support agencies if you are having trouble paying for your heating. Please let us know as soon as you can.
  • Maintaining your heat supply in the winter months if you have a vulnerability that would be made worse by a lack of heat.

Energy advice

Small changes in your home, can significantly reduce the energy you use, and money you spend. For example:

  • Heating – turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save you on average £116 a year.
  • Lightbulbs – using low energy lightbulbs.
  • Water set your hot water temperature to 60 degrees centigrade and close the door when bathing or showering.
  • Kitchen – only boil the water you need in a kettle and put lids on pans when cooking.
  • Appliances – turn off appliances on standby and if you are buying new appliances buy those with the best energy rating label that you can afford.
  • Repairs – If your home is draughty due to repairs needed with windows or doors or fans, please report the repair so that you can avoid losing unnecessary heat. Contact your landlord if you are in rented property’.

Debt advice

We have put together a list of organisations and payment schemes that may be able to help you with heating costs if you find yourself in debt or experiencing heat poverty. Please visit our Energy Support Available in Cambridgeshire page.