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Swaffham Prior Heat Network - Technical support, repairs and maintenance

Maintenance, repair, or relocation

Technical support to heat network customers is available via Bouygues Energies & Services UK. If you experience a loss of heating, hot water or have a heating emergency, these are the people to contact. The heating engineers should also be contacted if you are carrying out works close to pipework we have installed, or if you need to relocate your heat interface unit.

When to contact an engineer

  • When your heating or hot water isn’t working
  • When you are planning works close to the Heat Interface Unit or pipework installed
  • When you need to relocate the Heat Interface Unit

Request an engineer visit

  • Book by phoning: 01782 390777
  • The phoneline is available 24-hours, 7 days a week
  • This service is provided by Bouygues Energies & Services UK
  • Please state your name, contact number and details about the circumstances of your technical enquiry.

What to expect when an engineer visits your home

When an engineer visit is required:

  • You can arrange a heating engineer visit between 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • You will receive at least 48 hours written confirmation of the engineers visit by letter, email or text message, unless otherwise agreed.
  • This applies to any visit by the engineer, the Council, or a representative of the heat network.

The council and contractor will ensure that any representative or agent of the Swaffham Prior Heat Network visiting a heat customer will:

  • Be polite, courteous, and explain to the heat customer the reason for their visit
  • Be qualified with the appropriate skills to perform the task required
  • Have the appropriate skills to perform the function
  • Use any password agreed with the heat customer (where a customer is vulnerable or this has been requested)

Any representative of the Swaffham Prior Heat Network will carry an identity card which will include:

  • A colour photograph
  • The individuals name
  • The name and contact details which can be used to verify the representative’s identity
  • Company name

It is important to us that these requirements are upheld. Following any visit made by a heat network representative to your home, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback via a survey emailed to you.

Abortive call-outs

You must be in for any scheduled and agreed visit to your property. If the agreed and scheduled visit is no longer convenient, you must notify our contractors within 4 hours of the agreed visit time.

If you do not give the contractor access at the agreed time (nor did You rearrange with the contractor a different time with at least four (4) hours’ notice); AND the contractor can evidence that they could not gain access to the property, then an abortive visit will have occurred.

Where the contractor makes more than one (1) abortive visit to your property for the same issue, you will have to pay an “Abortive Call-Out Charge” for each subsequent abortive visit and any direct and reasonable additional costs that are incurred in carrying out any necessary work without access to your property. Details of the Abortive Call-Out Charge can be found under Appendix 2 of the Heat Supply Agreement. As of 2022, the abortive call-out charge is £80.

Routine maintenance

Regular maintenance of the heat interface unit installed in your home is required, once every 2-3 years. Maintaining the heat interface unit, prevents other faults and repairs. The Council will contact you to arrange a routine maintenance visit.

Engineer response times

After you have notified an Engineer of a problem with your heating, an engineer should respond within the following time periods. These are included in section 5.5 of the customer Heat Supply Agreement.


Response time (from time of notification)

An emergency

Within four (4) hours

No heat supply during the winter period

Within eight (8) hours (and if you are a vulnerable customer We will provide an alternative heat source to your property if we are unable to resolve the initial fault within twelve (12) hours)

No heat supply during the summer period

Within twelve (12) hours and if you are a vulnerable customer We will provide an alternative heat source to your property if we are unable to resolve the initial fault within twelve (12) hours)

An inadequate heat supply or a minor leak that will not cause damage

Within twenty four (24) hours

Problems with your meter

Within twenty four (24) hours (other than on a Sunday or a bank holiday)

Any other problems

Within forty eight (48) hours (other than on a Sunday or a bank holiday)