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Swaffham Prior Heat Network - Moving home or change in circumstances

It is important that you contact us to let us know of any change in circumstances that may effect your Heat Supply Agreement. Examples include:

  • You are moving home
  • You are planning improvement works to your home
  • You have a tenant moving in or out of your home
  • A member of your home has become vulnerable or with additional needs

If you are moving out of a property connected to a Heat Network, the following steps should be taken.

Notify the council in writing

  • You must notify the council in writing to as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days prior to the date of sale, transfer, or disposal of the property.
  • Unless you end the contract and inform the council of the heat supply end date, or the council ends the contract, you will still be liable for all our charges even if you do not live in your property. You will be liable until either you can demonstrate the date you vacated the property or relinquished responsibility via relevant documentation, or another person occupies the property and registers with the council’s Heat Supply Agreement.

Agree the heat supply end date

  • The supply end date will be the date a heat customer supply arrangement ends and the last date that the council will supply heat energy to you under the heat supply agreement.
  • The council will charge you for the heat energy supply to the property until the supply end date.

A final heat meter reading will be taken

  • Before the council terminates the Heat Supply Agreement contract, a final Meter reading will be taken from the automatic-reading system on the date the contract ends.
  • If the council is unable to take a final meter reading for any reason, the council may request this from you.

The council will send you a final heat bill

  • The council will provide you with a final heat bill within fourteen (14) days of the supply end date. Where this is not possible, the council will provide you with an explanation as to why the final heat bill has not been issued and issue a final heat bill within 31 days of the date which the final heat bill was due to be issued.
  • You must give the council a forwarding address so that the council can contact you about any amounts that the council may owe you, or any charges that you may owe the council.