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As part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership, Cambridgeshire County Council works with other agencies, such as the local police and fire services to:

  • evaluate accident data
  • carry out road safety audits
  • deliver road safety events, campaigns, education, and training
  • operate speed cameras

Road safety engineering and audits

When common accident trends are identified, engineering measures that could reduce accidents are considered and if appropriate, improvements will be highlighted for consideration in future transport delivery plans.

Road safety audits are carried out on all significant County Council and developer promoted highway schemes. This is to ensure adequate levels of safety are maintained and that problems previously identified at similar sites are avoided in new works.

Requests for safety audits from developers building within Cambridgeshire should be passed through the relevant highway management engineer. Any query regarding time frames and availability of auditors can be sent to  [email protected] where a member of the team will contact you to discuss further.

Requests for safety audits in areas outside of Cambridgeshire should be sent to [email protected] where they will be assessed and priced accordingly.

Charges for Road Safety Audit


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You can view our latest road safety handbook and data here:

Road Safety Handbook


Size: 863.54 KB File format: pdf

Road Safety Handbook- supplementary data


Size: 33.97 KB File format: xlsx

You can view Cambridgeshire's accident data from the last five years (2014 to 2018 inclusive) on our interactive map.

Additional information can be purchased as outlined in the Council's schedule of fees and charges.

School Travel Plan

A key element of child road safety is the School Travel Plan, which enables schools to identify and address problems that often form barriers to sustainable travel to school. Travel plans are required to be submitted with any planning application for building work and also where school site developments are likely to generate additional traffic movements.

Template school travel plan for new developments

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Cambridgeshire County Council has signed up to the National Modeshift STARS school travel planning scheme. It is the only national accreditation scheme for rewarding sustainable school travel plans.

STARS is an easy to use online system that significantly reduces the amount of time and work schools need to write and review their travel plans. If you are interested in using this site please email [email protected] for more information.

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