Schemes to reduce school run traffic congestion

For many schools the school run can cause traffic congestion and parking issues as well as road safety concerns.  We have resources available to help schools reduce the problems that inconsiderate driving and parking can cause.

The three schemes we offer are Take 5! that encourages families and children to walk to and from school, Smarter Parking to discourage persistent bad parking and the School Streets project aimed at creating a safe space outside the school gate.

If you would like any further information about any of these schemes, please contact us at

Take 5! Walking Zones

Take 5! helps you set up a 5 minute walking zone around your school. The scheme aims to encourage children and families to walk for at least part of their journey to and from school. This helps to reduce traffic near school making it safer and more appealing for cyclists and pedestrians.

Smarter Parking

Smarter Parker is an easy and effective banner scheme to discourage persistent parking offenders. The problem of congestion outside schools at the beginning and end of the school day is one that can be tackled.

Each Smarter Parker banner carries a progressively stronger message. The campaign aims to stop drivers from parking on the school keep clear markings, commonly referred to as zigzag lines. The overall message is simple: keep school entrances clear and keep our children and young people safe.

Feedback from schools taking part has been extremely positive with all of them noting a reduction in the number of cars parked outside the school entrance. If you are interested in how the scheme can help your school, please have a read of the below information pack. Apply for the scheme by completing the below online application form.

School Streets

School Streets is a new initiative brought in from September 2020 aimed at creating a safe space outside the school gate. Schools can temporarily close the road outside the school gates to create a pedestrian and cycle/scoot zone during school opening and closing times.

This encourages pupils to use active transport and maintain social distance on the way to school and also helps to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates.

Applications are open for new school streets and schools are encouraged to get in touch with the Road Safety team to discuss their situation.

The road closures needed to create cycling, scooting and pedestrian zones will only be in place at the beginning and end of the school day for children to arrive or depart. Times will vary slightly for each school but usually the road will be shut for around 30 minutes in both the morning and afternoon.

Yes. Cambridgeshire County Council have decided to offer School Streets' to create a safer space around school gates, not only providing a vehicle free space but also helping families to maintain social distance

The Traffic Regulation Orders will be in place until the end of the summer term in July 2021

Residents who need to use their motor vehicles to enter or exit their homes will be able to travel through the restrictions escorted at walking pace by a volunteer. However, we strongly encourage you to plan your journeys at other times if at all possible.

We would encourage you to ask any visitors to arrive outside of the times of the closure or to park outside of the walking and cycling zone.

We recognise the need for disabled parents and guardians to have ease of access so please notify a volunteer so this can be facilitated safely.

In any emergencies, vehicles will be able to leave or access the closure and will be escorted at walking pace by volunteers.

School buses will be permitted to enter and leave the zone and will be escorted by a marshal.

Please consider alternative delivery times. As deliveries are not considered an essential service, you may be asked to wait until the end of the half hour closure period or to park outside the zone.

Yes. Road closures will be in place throughout during school term time.

Volunteer marshals are usually part of the school community and will operate the road closures in line with training provided by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a volunteer marshal, for more information please contact the school directly or email

No car zones trial schemes at St Matthew's Primary School (Norfolk Street) and St Bede's School (Birdwood Road).

This is a feasibility study into the installation of a permanent 'signs only' restriction at two prominent schools in Cambridge.

View the scheme on the Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders page.

View data from the feasibility study on the Cambridgeshire Insight website.

For any other information about School Streets please email