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Health, wellbeing and emotional support for carers

Wellbeing support for carers

Tell your GP that you are a carer

If you register as a carer with your GP, they can help support your wellbeing. You may have more flexibility with appointments, and priority for vaccinations. You will need to fill in a carer's registration form at your surgery.

There are also people called 'social prescribers' at GP surgeries. Social prescribers can connect you with activities, groups and services in your community.

Caring Together are able to provide you with someone to speak to about your situation who can help you get the support you need.

Caring Together also offers free counselling from qualified counsellors.

It’s important to look after your own health and wellbeing.

You can get free one on one support from a health trainer to improve your health and wellbeing. They can help you to reduce stress, lose weight and work towards realistic, health-related goals. Find out more about Healthy You Health Trainers.

A Family Carers’ Prescription gives carers of any age, including young carers and parent carers, access to a specialist worker at Caring Together who will help you make a plan to support your needs.

You can get a Family Carers' Prescription through Caring Together, or your GP.

Sometimes thinks might go smoothly but sometimes caring can be hard. One thing which can help is getting a break.

Technology Enabled Care includes aids and alarms. These can help the person you care for to be independent and give you peace of mind while you have a break.

There may be clubs and groups that the person you care for can join. This can allow you have a break. The Care Network Community Navigators can help you to find groups and clubs.

If the person you care for has had a social care needs assessment their care and support plan may include respite care.

You may also be able to organise home care.

There is information on options for carers' breaks and respite care on the NHS website.

The Caring Together homecare team provides breaks for carers in East Cambridgeshire - at no cost. Email Caring Together for more information:

Support and information around specific conditions

There are organisations which can support you as a carer as well as the person you are caring for.


Mental illness