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Getting support for the person you care for

Help for the person you’re caring for

Making sure the person you’re caring for gets all the social care and support they’re entitled to could mean your role as a carer is made easier.

Equipment and technology

Technology Enabled Care, including equipment such as lifelines, can help keep the person you are caring for safe. It can also help give you peace of mind, or a break from caring. You can buy most equipment yourself without the need for an assessment. 

The Technology Enabled Care team may also be able to loan equipment.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy can help people to overcome challenges completing every day tasks or activities. 

Applying for benefits

Make sure the person you are caring for is receiving all of the financial support that they are entitled to. Our Welfare Benefits Team can help.

Organising care

You can arrange care and support yourself. This includes homecare, where carers support a person in their own home.

The person you look after may be eligible for adult social care support. They would need to have a care needs assessment. This is different to a carers assessment.