Care and support information sheets

Printable information sheets

These documents contain information from our webpages, but in PDF document format, for printing out.

Organising and paying for care and support

Planning your care and support344KBpdf
Updated July 2022
Size: 344KBFile format: pdf
Paying for care266KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 266KBFile format: pdf

Leaving hospital

Organising care and support when you leave hospital290KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 290KBFile format: pdf
Paying for your own care and support when you leave hospital294KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 294KBFile format: pdf

Adult social care

Assessment and eligibility for Adult Social Care334KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 334KBFile format: pdf
Your social care records and your rights412KBpdf
Updated May 2023
Size: 412KBFile format: pdf

Easy Read information sheets

Easy Read presents information in a simple format, which is easy to understand. It can be useful for people with a learning disability.

Organising and paying for care and support in Easy Read

Planning your Care and Support - Easy Read378KBpdf
Updated July 2022
Size: 378KBFile format: pdf
Paying for Care - Easy Read538KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 538KBFile format: pdf

Adult social care - Easy Read

Can you get help from Adult Social Care? Easy Read618KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 618KBFile format: pdf

Leaving hospital - Easy Read

Care and support when you leave hospital - Easy Read793KBpdf
Updated November 2022
Size: 793KBFile format: pdf

Carers - Easy Read

Looking After Someone - Easy Read496KBpdf
Updated April 2023
Size: 496KBFile format: pdf

Plain text

We no longer create plain text documents for large print purposes. You can use the accessibility settings within the documents, or on your own technology, to increase text size. There is more information on accessibility in our accessibility statement.

We also have benefits factsheets in the money and benefits section.

Independent Age factsheets

You can also find a broad range of care and support factsheets and advice guides on the Independent Age website.