Creating a care and support plan

A care and support plan identifies:

  1. the things which are important to you,
  2. your strengths and existing support,
  3. your options for remaining independent,
  4. and the additional support you need to meet your needs

Planning your own support

Lots of people plan their own support. You can create your own care and support plan. There are also independent support planners who can help you. Here are the main things to think about.

What do you want to achieve?

  • What do you enjoy doing? Do you have activities or hobbies you want to continue? What is important to you?
  • What could be made easier? What do you struggle with?


  • What are your strengths? What personal skills, experience and knowledge do you have which can help you to remain independent, safe and well? 
  • What support do you already have in place?
  • Which other support networks could you use? This includes family and friends, local community groups, or paid for services.
  • What additional support do you need to be able to keep doing the things you enjoy?

If you are eligible for support from CCC

If you are eligible for support from us , you can still create your own care and support plan. You can get help from family friends, a service provider, a key worker, or an independent support planner. They must act in your best interests. We will check that the plan will meet your needs.

Alternatively, we can help you to create a care and support plan. We will:

  • look at the needs identified during your care needs assessment
  • look at the support available from your family, friends, carers and local community
  • plan the support which will meet your needs
  • identify how much this will cost
  • offer you advice and information to help you prevent or delay the need for care in the future

You will have choice and control around how you meet the needs which were identified in your care and support plan.

What to do if you disagree with the proposed plan

If you don’t agree with something, or you’re not happy with the decision made about your care and support plan, please discuss this with your Key Worker.

If you are still not satisfied you can contact the Customer Services to make a complaint.

Reviewing your support

We will usually review your support after 6-12 weeks, and then annually. You can invite anyone you think should be involved, and let your keyworker know in advance. Your keyworker can also help organise an advocate, if you have difficulty expressing your views.

You, your carers, the council and service providers can request a review at any time if:

  • your needs have changed
  • the support no longer meets your needs
  • you want to make a major change to your care and support plan
  • there are unmanageable risks in your care and support plan

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