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Home education process and support from the Local Authority


Parents are not required to inform the authority of their intention to home educate if the child:

  • is of pre-school age,
  • has never been registered at school, or
  • you are already home educating and have moved into the authority.

We would advise you to make contact with us if your child is of statutory school age. We can provide information, guidance and support if required. Registering with us avoids any confusion of your child being considered a Child Missing Education.

Approaches to home education

The Local Authority recognises that there are many diverse and varied, but equally valid, approaches to home education. We recognise that education takes place in a variety of environments, not just the child’s home.

We also recognise that children learn in different ways and at different speeds. Home education will reflect a diversity of approaches and philosophies. It can range from a formal structured, time-tabled programme to a more informal, experiential approach to learning.

We aim to understand and respect home educating parents’ individual educational preferences and philosophies and to promote mutual understanding and trust.

The process

When a parent makes the decision to home educate, we do not assume that the child is not being suitably educated. We take into account the context of individual circumstances. We are on hand to offer advice and where appropriate broker additional support.

Legislation requires that we enquire in a timely and effective manner, that an education is being provided. We have these responsibilities for all children of compulsory school age.

When we become aware that a child is not attending school full time and may be being home educated, we will send a letter requesting confirmation of home education as well as an outline of the home education being delivered.

Providing we have no concerns we will be in touch on an annual basis to check that you are still home educating. If we receive no information or we have concerns regarding the provision, the child will fall into the scope of the Local Authority’s Children Missing from Education statutory duties.

Support from the Local Authority

  • If asked, we will write an official letter that families can use to access local amenities or secure discounts on resources.
  • The Elective Home Education Manager holds periodic meetings with Home Educating Families in Cambridgeshire. This includes both registered and unregistered families.
  • The Statutory Assessment Team (SAT) remain involved if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan.
  • The Local Authority can put you in touch with other Children’s Support Services.
  • You can access support through District Team who offer a range of youth activities, family support and career guidance.
  • Extended borrowing rights at local libraries and access to the local authorities’ website.
  • Individual referrals suggested by us for targeted careers guidance for some young people moving to post 16 opportunities.
  • Access to SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support service) .