Apply for a disabled parking bay

An annual budget is set for providing disabled parking bays. Successful applicants will be put onto a list and bays will be installed until the budget is spent.

Successful applicants also have the option to fund their own bay, at a cost of approximately £1,700.

If you would like to fund your own bay, please contact

How to apply

Disabled parking bays can be used only by vehicles displaying a valid blue badge. You can apply for a disabled bay to be installed near your home but you must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • you must have no access to a garage, driveway or other off street parking
  • you must hold a valid disabled driver’s Blue Badge
  • you must be regularly unable to park conveniently near to your residence, due to heavy on-street parking
  • you must either be the driver of the vehicle or the driver must be a resident at your address
  • a suitable location for the disabled bay can be found that is acceptable in terms of achieving a balance of parking provision

Please note a disabled parking bay can be used by any Blue Badge holder and is not reserved for an applicant's sole use.

Important Information

The provision of a bay is subject to a legal process that can take several months to complete. The legal process allows for objections to be made by the public. This means the Council cannot guarantee that a disabled bay will be installed.