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Suspending a parking bay and exemption permits

Parking restriction suspensions

The normal restrictions applied to an on-street parking bay can be temporarily suspended or altered to allow for domestic or business removals, weddings, funerals or filming work, special events, emergencies or when advised by the police for security reasons.

A sign will be placed by any suspended bay to notify the public, explaining the reason for the suspension and the relevant days and times.

Residents or businesses can apply for specific parking bays to be suspended at a cost of £53 per space per day where a space is approximately 5 metres, plus an administration fee of £9.00 to review and process each application. The suspension fee is applicable for each single calendar day the parking bay is suspended for. Please note that we require a minimum of seven days’ notice to process a suspension application.

If you need to change any details of your application, you will have to pay an amendment fee of £35.

If you need to cancel your request after the sign has been placed next to your chosen bay, you'll have to pay a cancellation fee of £35.

Although a suspension increases the chance that a space will be available, it cannot be guaranteed as we cannot remove vehicles parked in a suspended bay. We will try to contact any drivers who are displaying a resident permit and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued to any vehicles that remain in the suspended bay. We cannot refund the cost of a suspension if the space is not available.


A waiver is a permit that allows parking on a single or double yellow lines. Waivers may be issued where the vehicle is absolutely necessary for completion of a specific task, for example where equipment such as a generator or a hose is attached to the vehicle.

If a Civil Enforcement Officer sees a vehicle with a waiver but does not observe the activity for which the waiver was granted taking place, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued. To apply for a waiver contact A charge of £29 per waiver will be made, per day for each vehicle.