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Parking tickets and appeals

Pay a parking ticket

If you have been issued with a parking ticket you have 28 days to pay or challenge it.

The cost of a ticket is either £50 or £70, depending on the reason it has been issued.

Payments made within 14 days of the date the ticket is served will have a 50% discount applied.

A civil enforcement officer who issues a ticket cannot cancel it. If you feel a ticket has been wrongly issued you can challenge the ticket using the online form in the "Appeal Process" section below.

If you have received a parking fine and have lost your ticket, please email and include your full name, telephone number, vehicle registration number and penalty charge notice issue date (if known).

You can view the County TMA enforcement manual, Parking Ticket Code of Practise and PCN manual for details of how civil enforcement is undertaken within Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire County Council issued Penalty Charge Notice
Cambridgeshire County Council issued Penalty Charge Notice

Appeal process

If you appeal against the parking ticket within 14 days after receiving it and if your appeal is rejected, the council will generally extend the period of 50% discount for payment. If your appeal is rejected, you will be provided with all the information you need for the appeal to an independent adjudicator.

Please follow the instructions on the reverse of the PCN or use the online form below.

Non-payment of a parking ticket

Failure to pay or challenge a parking ticket will begin a process of increasing costs and actions to ensure that payment is made:

  • Day 1 - Parking ticket notice issued at £50/£70.
  • Day 14 - 50% prompt payment discount (£25/£35) expires.
  • After Day 28 - Registered Keeper Details requested from DVLA.
  • After Day 30 - Notice to Owner issued to Registered Keeper giving 28 days to make a formal representation or payment.
  • After Day 60 - Charge increased by 50% and Charge Certificate issued to Registered Keeper.
  • After Day 74: Charge registered as a debt with the county court, with additional £9 fee.
  • After Day 95: Warrant issued by County Court and case sent to Enforcement Agents to recover full charge plus additional Enforcement Agents fees.