Parking Services annual reports

We submit an annual report to the Department for Transport (DfT) relating to on-street parking and bus lane / gate enforcement. We also prepare an annual report on our enforcement activity, explaining it in terms of:

  • Overall traffic management
  • A breakdown on income and expenditure on our parking account
  • Other relevant policy objectives
Parking Annual Report 2020-2021226KBpdf
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Parking Annual Report 2019-2020771KBpdf
Size: 771KBFile format: pdf
Parking Services Annual Report 2018-2019790KBpdf
Size: 790KBFile format: pdf
Parking Account Report 2017-18688KBpdf
Size: 688KBFile format: pdf
Parking Annual Report 2016-17500KBpdf
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Parking Account information 2015-1683KBpdf
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Size: 248KBFile format: pdf
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