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Apply for a disabled parking bay

What is a disabled parking bay?

A disabled parking bay is a parking space which we can install near the home of a Blue Badge holder who has no access to a garage, driveway or other off-street parking and cannot regularly park near to their home.

Any Blue Badge holder can use a disabled parking bay. They are not reserved for the applicant's sole use, even if the applicant funds the bay themselves.

If you are interested in applying for a Blue Badge, please visit our Blue Badge section.

Apply for a disabled parking bay

If you meet the following criteria, please use our online form to apply for the installation of a disabled parking bay near your home.


Disabled parking bays can only be used by vehicles displaying a Blue Badge. You can apply for the installation of a disabled parking bay near your home, but you must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • No access to a garage, driveway or other off-street parking
  • Hold a valid disabled driver’s Blue Badge
  • Regularly be unable to park conveniently near to your home, due to heavy on-street parking
  • Be either the driver of the vehicle, or the driver must be a resident at your address
  • A suitable location for the disabled parking bay can be found that is acceptable in terms of achieving a balance of parking provision


We have an annual budget for providing disabled parking bays. We will put successful applicants onto a list and bays will be installed until we have spent the budget.

Successful applicants also have the option to fund their own bay, at a cost of approximately £1,700. If you would like to fund your own bay, please email

How long the application process will take

It can take up to 12 months between an application being received and a parking bay being marked on the road. The provision of a bay is subject to a legal process which allows for the public to make objections. This means we cannot guarantee that a disabled parking bay will be installed. Please also be aware that we paint bays in batches or when other white lining is being undertaken in the area. You may need to wait longer for the bay to be marked particularly if you apply during the autumn/winter.

Disabled parking bays that are no longer required

If a disabled parking bay is no longer required, please get in touch with the Policy and Regulation Team with the details.


Policy and Regulation Team