Local Highway Improvement funding

This initiative invites any groups or organisations that represent the local community to submit a proposal for funding from the Local Highways Improvement (LHI) initiative. This fund offers residents the chance to bring forward their own highway improvements within their community.

Schemes are delivered by the County Council on a jointly funded basis and applicants are able to apply for funding of up to £15,000 as a contribution to their scheme. The applicant is expected to provide a minimum contribution of 10% of the total scheme cost.

Due to the popularity of this initiative, applications are limited as follows:

  • Parish councils - one bid per parish
  • Town councils - one bid per county council division in the town
  • Cambridge City - five bids per county council division

Preparing an application

Firstly, take a look at the highway measures we offer that may help address the issue you are experiencing or may benefit your local area. You should be able to clearly identify the objective of your application, describing in detail the location and the highway issue you are trying to solve or why an improvement is needed.

Please note the LHI initiative is solely for work on the public highway. Proposals for work on unadopted roads or private land will not be accepted.

Read through our successfully completed projects to gain a better understanding of what improvements you can realistically achieve.

LHI case studies
Part LHI funded
Size: 3.44MBFile format: pdf

Your scheme should meet the four aims of the LHI initiative as set out below. You will be asked to demonstrate how your scheme fulfils these criteria on the application form. Later your application will also be scored based on these criteria, by the LHI Member Advisory Panel for your area.

1. Is this a persistent highway problem

Evidence that the problem has persisted for some time and the degree to which the problem will be addressed by the proposal should be fully detailed. A description of any measures that have been implemented in the past with limited success should also be included.

2.  What are the current safety hazards and how will your application improve road safety?

Applicants should identify the road safety aspects of their proposal, the hazards that currently exist and how the proposal could contribute to their reduction, or general improvement of road safety. The County Council has an online interactive map that contains accident data from the last five years, which can be used to evidence the current need for improvement.

3. How will the local community benefit?

Does the wider community, particularly those directly affected, support this scheme proposal? How important is this issue on a local level? Evidence that your proposal is supported by the local community will be required, along with the level of local consultation that has been carried out. 

4. Does the scheme have added value?

You should highlight any other particular benefits of your proposal such as:

  • Collaboration between organisations in submitting an application. 
  • Applicants providing funding contributions in excess of the minimum 10% and in proportion to their annual precept, if the applicant is a parish or town council
  • Evidence that the applicant has pursued alternative options to solve the issue, such as Community Speed Watch for speeding related issues.
  • Evidence of significant local and / or member support.

Submitting an application

Due to the current climate with COVID-19, we will be accepting applications until Sunday 27 September 2020. Please see the application form for 2021/22 below

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What happens next?

Stage 1 - Feasibility

Once your initial application has been submitted, it will be assessed by your local highways project team. They will consider the options available that best meet the objectives of your application, including any solutions you have suggested. A road safety and policy review will also be included and an estimate of the cost (including any ongoing maintenance impacts) and delivery timescale will also be established.

Once these checks have been completed, the highways team will contact you to discuss the outcome and work with you to refine your application throughout May to September. You will then need to decide whether to submit this final updated application for assessment by the LHI Member Advisory Panel for your area, which are held in October each year.

If the feasibility assessment identifies that any solutions you have suggested are not deliverable and we are not able to agree on any suitable alternatives, then we will not take your application forward to the LHI Member Advisory Panel for your area. You may appeal this decision in writing via your local County Councillor, who will bring the appeal to the Chair of the Highways and Infrastructure Committee and Executive Director of Place and Economy for a final decision. 

Stage 2 - Prioritisation

Your application will be scored out of five against each of the aims of the LHI Initiative by the Member Advisory Panel for your area, made up of County Councillors from your district area, or County and City Councillors in Cambridge. You will also be invited to present your application directly to the panel. This is your chance to highlight the benefits of your scheme and will give Councillors an opportunity to ask any further questions to help them prioritise your proposal.

The average score across the four LHI aims will be used to prioritise applications into a list for each district area. These district lists are then presented to the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee for approval in December. Funding is allocated to applications in priority order until fully allocated. 

Stage 3 - Delivery

If your application receives funding you will be asked to confirm in writing that you agree to provide your contribution and approve commencement of the scheme.

If we do not receive the above, or if circumstances have changed, we will reallocate funding to the next prioritised application. Funding cannot be carried forward into future years.

You will be invoiced for your contribution to the scheme on completion of the works.

2020/21 LHI applications

To view which applications received funding following the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee held in March, please see the 2020/21 LHI panel scorecard below.

LHI Panel Scorecards 2020 Final(R)
Size: 721KBFile format: pdf

Information about the successful LHI applications for 2020/21 can be found below.

LHI Cambridge City Approved (2020-21)
Size: 176KBFile format: excel
LHI East Cambridgeshire Approved (2020-21)
Size: 111KBFile format: excel
LHI Fenland Approved (2020-21)
Size: 93KBFile format: excel
LHI Huntingdonshire Approved (2020-21)
Size: 236KBFile format: excel
LHI South Cambridgeshire Approved (2020-21)
Size: 142KBFile format: excel