Fact sheets

Deferred Payment Agreement

An arrangement with the Council that will enable you to use the value of your home to help pay care home costs.

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Direct Payment

Putting you in control of your personal budget so that you can arrange your own care and support.

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Direct Payment for carers

Enabling carers to have more choice and independence about organising support.

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Disability Services

Enabling people with a disability to lead a full and independent life and to put them in control of the care and support they receive.

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Do I qualify for social care support

Explains the criteria that we use to assess eligibility.

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Learning Disability Partnership

The Cambridgeshire Learning Disability Partnership (LDP) includes specialist social care and community health professionals. Helping people who have a learning disability and are aged over 18.

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Paying for your own care

A guide for people funding their own residential or nursing care costs.

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Planning your care

Shows you how we assess, plan and review your care and support.

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Information about how reablement can help you to do things for yourself and live independently.

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Transition service

Information about immediate, but temporary domiciliary care support in your home when you leave hospital or the reablement service, and while longer term arrangements are made.

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We welcome your feedback

How to give us feedback or make a complaint about adult care and support services. What to do if you want to raise an issue with your care provider.

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Your support costs

How we work out the cost of your care and support and calculate if we can make a contribution to this.

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Top-up (third-party) payments

Why this may be payable for someone who has moved to live permanently in a residential or nursing care home.

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Reablement audio

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Benefits fact sheets

Please note that the benefits fact sheets below are correct as of 4 April 2017.

Benefits for disabled young people living in the community

Outlines benefits disabled young people aged 16 and over may be able to claim.

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Disability Living Allowance

Describes the benefit, who it is for and how to apply.

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Personal Independence Payment

Information on the new benefit replacing Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16-64.

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Personal Independence Payment - Descriptors and Scores

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Attendance Allowance

Explains who qualifies for this benefit and how to apply.

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Benefits for carers

Provides information on Carers Allowance, who is eligible and how to apply.

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Exempt and permitted work

Information for people claiming sickness benefits.

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How benefits are affected by moving into a care home

Outlines how changes in circumstances affect benefits.

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Income support for long term sick and disabled people

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Pension Credit

Information on the two parts of Pension Credit and eligibility.

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