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How we work out what you will pay for support at home

Our Fairer Contributions Policy helps us work out the amount you will need to pay for support at home (your contribution) and make sure that the amount you pay is fair, based on your ability to pay, and in proportion to the level of support you receive.

Fairer contributions policy

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Once you have completed a financial assessment, we can work out what you can afford to pay and what the Council can pay. We do this by taking your total income including any capital (less any income that we should not take into account) and then taking away:

  • A personal disregard (an amount equal to Department of Health's Minimum Income Guarantee amount).
  • Your household costs: e.g. Rent, Council Tax, mortgage interest.
  • Your Disability Related Expenditure (DRE): (An additional expense that you have because you have a disability or frailty or something that costs you more because of this. You must be eligible for a disability benefit e.g. Attendance Allowance.) 

Please note

If you have capital of more than £23,250 or do not wish to disclose your financial circumstances you will contribute the full amount of your social care support. 

The amount left after this working out is the most that you will have to pay each week. We call this your ‘maximum weekly contribution' and will not ask you to pay more than this. This means that if your health gets worse and you need more support, you will not pay more than the maximum weekly contribution. 

There is a detailed example of how we work this out in our Fairer Contributions Policy.

The amount you pay

If the cost of your support is lower than your maximum weekly contribution, you will pay the lower of these two amounts, for example:

  • If your support costs £48 per week and your maximum weekly contribution is £28 per week, you will pay £28 as this is the most you can afford.
  • If your support costs £20 per week, and your maximum weekly contribution is £28 per week, you will pay £20. 

Further information

Contact us

If you have a question or concern about your financial assessment please contact our Revenue and Assessment Team.


Telephone: 0300 126 3003


Revenue and Assessment Team
Box No: SCO2205
Room No: 2nd floor
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PE29 3AD


If you have any concerns about your care service, please contact your Key Worker or Customer Services.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0345 045 5202
8am to 6pm Monday to Friday
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