Care and support fact sheets

Fact sheets

Deferred Payment Agreement
An arrangement with the Council that will enable you to use the value of your home to help pay care home costs.
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Disability Services
Enabling people with a disability to lead a full and independent life and to put them in control of the care and support they receive.
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LDP Service
The Cambridgeshire Learning Disability Partnership (LDP) includes specialist social care and community health professionals. Helping people who have a learning disability and are aged over 18.
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Information about how reablement can help you to do things for yourself and live independently.
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Top-up payments
Why this may be payable for someone who has moved to live permanently in a residential or nursing care home.
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Paying for care at home v1.4
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Paying for care in a care home v1.4
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Paying for care v1.7
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Personal budgets and Direct Payments
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Attendance Allowance 2019
Explains who qualifies for this benefit and how to apply.
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benefit cap 2019
Explains what the cap is and how it works.
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Benefits for Carers 2019
Provides information on Carers Allowance, who is eligible and how to apply.
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Benefits In a Care Home 2019
How benefits are affected by moving into a care home - adults over 18.
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Disability Living Allowance 2019
Describes the benefit, who it is for and how to apply.
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DLA hospital residential care children 2019
How periods in care (including short breaks) and hospital affect Disability Living Allowance for children under the age of 16.
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Hospital 2019.doc
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Income Support 2019.doc
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Pension Credit 2019
Information on the two parts of Pension Credit and eligibility.
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Personal Independence Payment 2019
Information on the new disability benefit that will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people aged 16 - 64.
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Scores for PIP Descriptors 2019
Scores used for deciding entitlement.
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Universal-Credit 2019
Information on what Universal Credit is, how it works and who can claim.
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Work and Benefits 2019.doc
Information for people claiming sickness benefits.
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benefit rates 2019
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