Post-16 education transport

Post-16 education transport

Financial support is available for students living in low income households. Either the student or a member of their household are in receipt of one of the following qualifying benefits –

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • NHS Tax Exemption certificate
  • Universal Credit with a household monthly net income of no more than £935

They must also:

  • Live in Cambridgeshire and attend their nearest appropriate post-16 centre
  • Be enrolled on a full time course
  • Be over 16 but under 19 on 31 August 2021
  • Live more than 3 miles from the nearest appropriate post-16 centre, but also be able to complete the journey within 90 minutes

Please also see further eligibility criteria for Students with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP). 

Full information regarding post-16 transport entitlement can be found in the "Do you qualify for help?" booklet.

Post 16 school transport booklet 20211.36MBpdf
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How do I apply?

Please note: If you are a Social Worker requesting transport for a LAC pupil under the age of 18, please don’t complete this form, but email

If you would prefer to complete a paper application form instead of using the online system, a copy can be found below.

Payment will be taken with the application, and your money will be refunded if your application is not eligible.

Bus passes are normally issued within 10 working days, or before the start of the school term (whichever is longer). If your application is unsuccessful, you will be advised within the same timescale. Please wait until 10 working days have passed before contacting us to check progress.

Post 16 school transport application 2021487KBpdf
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Spare seats

If your child does not qualify for free home to school travel assistance, you can apply for a spare seat. The charge for this ticket is £260 per term for the 2021/22 academic year. Please note:

  • seats are issued on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability
  • seats are only made available one term at a time
  • the issue of a ticket does not guarantee that the place will be available in future terms
  • the Council cannot guarantee to give advance warning of seats becoming unavailable
  • applications must be received after the start of the half term holiday before the beginning of the term you are applying for
  • spare seats are only available on school contract buses, and pupils would be expected to get to an existing bus stop

To apply for a spare seat please use 'apply for post-16 education transport' button above. If you are not eligible, you will then get an option to apply for a spare seat.

Spare Seats Q&A's - Sept 201918KBpdf
Read our Frequently Asked Questions document on spare seats.
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Lost, stolen or damaged travel passes

If you have lost your travel pass, or it has been damaged, be advised there is a charge.

Stolen travel pass will be replaced free of charge, when you supply a valid Police Incident Number.

School bus timetables

You will receive information about bus allocation and timetables with the bus pass. However, if you receive a bus pass for a public service bus, please refer to the buses section on our website.

Behaviour on a school bus

All pupils who use transport provided by the Council are expected to abide by the Travel Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct for Home to School or College Travel953KBpdf
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Home to School Transport Code of Conduct - additional info for COVID-1949KBpdf
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Post-16 transport policy statement

For further information, please see the transport policy statement and the home to school travel assistance policy.

Home to school travel assistance policy263KBpdf
This policy covers mainstream, special and post-16 education transport. Includes a glossary of terms.
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Cycle allowance

A termly allowance, currently £40 per term, may be payable to students who are entitled to free or subsidised transport, but use a bicycle to travel to school / college instead. To claim for this allowance, please complete the claim form below. Please note that a new form needs to be completed at the end of each term.

Cycling allowance Jan 18383KBpdf
Information on entitlement and the application form
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If you have any queries relating to home to school / college transport, please contact the Social and Education Transport Team:

Social and Education Transport Team
Box No. SH1013
Shire Hall

Telephone: 0345 045 5208