Personal Transport Budgets

What is a Personal Transport Budget?

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), you may qualify for a Personal Transport Budget.

A Personal Transport Budget (PTB) is funding which can be paid to families to help get your child (who has special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)) to school or college, rather than your child travelling on a vehicle contracted by the Council.

You may be eligible for a PTB if your child meets the following criteria:

  • Lives within the area where Cambridgeshire is the local county council
  • Has a Statement or EHCP
  • Attends the school outlined in the Statement or EHCP
  • Lives more than 2 miles (primary) or 3 miles (secondary) away from the school or not be able to walk less than those distances specified due to SEND

And either:

  • Is currently being transported on a single occupancy Council transport route
  • Needs to be placed on a single occupancy route due to your child's needs or behaviour
  • There is no existing transport route available, resulting in your child being single occupancy

Your child could qualify for a Personal Transport Budget if they are attending a mainstream school, SEN or out of county school.

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How much will the Personal Transport Budget be?

Personal Transport Budgets are calculated on a price per mile, from the distance from your home address and the school. We measure these distances on a digital mapping system.

How will the Personal Transport Budget be paid?

  • Payments will be made monthly, directly into your bank account
  • There will be 11 monthly payments. We don't pay in August as schools and colleges are closed.
  • Payments will be stopped or adjusted should your child's attendance drop below a satisfactory level

What can the Personal Transport Budget be used for?

You can use the PTB payments in any way you wish, to aid your child to get to school or college:

  • Towards fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Paying for a shared taxi with other children
  • Paying for another person to take your other children to school to free you up to transport your child with SEND
  • Buying travel passes for your other children so they can travel to and from school, allowing you to transport your child with SEND

Reviewing Personal Transport Budget provision

The Personal Transport Budget funding is reviewed annually, with a new application needing to be made each academic year.

Applying for a Personal Transport Budget

If you qualify for SEND transport and would like to discuss the option of a Personal Transport Budget, or to receive an application form, please contact:

Social and Education Transport Team
Box No. SH1013
New Shire Hall
Emery Crescent
Enterprise Campus
Alconbury Weald
PE28 4YE

Telephone: 01223 715 600

Please note applications are assessed on a case by case basis, and will be discussed with your child's SEND Casework Officer and other professionals. 

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