Pre-16 transport for pupils with special educational needs (SEND)


Most children in Cambridgeshire with special educational needs and/or disability (SEND) attend mainstream schools, and do not require travel assistance which differs from mainstream arrangements.


To qualify for travel assistance, the child must:

  • Live within the boundaries of the area covered by Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Be attending the school that is the nearest suitable school/the school designated by the Council as able to meet their needs -The only exception will be where a different school has been ordered by the SEND tribunal.
  • Live more than two miles from their nearest suitable primary school or three miles from their nearest suitable secondary school and/or not be able to walk those distances, accompanied by an adult as necessary (this needs to be supported by appropriate medical evidence)

Travel Assistance

Travel assistance can be provided in the following ways, considering independence and sustainability:

  • A place on an existing vehicle
  • A Personal Transport Budget, giving families flexibility about how to get their child to school

We do not offer individual transport unless there are exceptional circumstances that have been assessed and agreed by our eligibility team.

Needs will be assessed on an individual basis, based on information held within a child’s EHCP and information from those who know the child, including their parents and the school.

Out of County Placements

In exceptional circumstances, children may be placed by the Council in an education setting outside Cambridgeshire. Where this is the case, travel assistance would be available.

Reviewing Transport Provision

Transport provision is reviewed as part of your child’s annual EHCP review. This gives the opportunity to consider whether the current arrangements continue to meet your child’s identified needs and stated outcomes.

During the year there may be other children joining and leaving routes. It is not always possible to advise families about these changes in advance.

Where routes and providers are being reviewed by the Council, families will be notified and informed of any changes in advance.

SEND Transport Charter

The SEND transport charter outlines the responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the transport provision of your child.

Home to School Travel Assistance Policy

The Home to School Transport Assistance Policy covers mainstream, SEND and post-16 education transport.

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