Transport Delivery Plan

The Transport Delivery Plan (TDP)acts as the implementation plan for the delivery of major schemes, cycleways, minor improvements and maintenance derived from the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and other funding streams. It also acts as the County Council's forward maintenance programme, which from 2015 delivers comprehensively on the Council's Highway Asset Management Strategy and acts as a forward maintenance programme for capital highway maintenance schemes.

Transport Delivery Plan 2017 -2020

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Highway Asset Management

To make best use of budgets, an asset management approach is being used to provide the best value for maintaining Cambridgeshire's highways. Further details can be found in the documents below.

Highway Asset Management Policy

February 2017

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Highway Asset Management Strategy

February 2017

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Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

2017 to 2027

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Pothole Action Fund

To see detailed information on the work that has been done in 2016/17, you can view the Cambridgeshire Pothole Action Fund final report.

Pothole Action Fund final report

March 2017

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National Productivity Investment Fund

The County Council has been allocated £2.9m from the Department for Transport as part of the National Productivity Investment Fund. These funds will be spent in financial year 2017-18 on the following schemes:

  • An active traffic management solution for Huntingdon town centre
  • A good quality footway and cycleway link alongside the A10, through the village of Harston
  • Enhanced maintenance of a section of the A10, including upgrading traffic signals to improve traffic flows and ease congestion at the London Road junction at Harston
  • Enhanced maintenance of sections of the A505, including upgrading traffic signals to improve traffic flows at key junctions
  • Provision of a cycleway on the A1123 between Bluntisham and Earith

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