Transport Proposals Database

The Transport Proposals Database (TPD) sets out the transport infrastructure, services and initiatives that are required to support the growth of Cambridgeshire. The schemes included in the TPD are those that the County Council has identified for potential delivery to support growth.

You can view the TPD Policy document below, which explains the purpose of the TPD, the transport policies, the funding sources, and how the TPD is kept up to date.

The TPD is also available as a layer on the My Cambridgeshire Map website For help using the map, please see the guidance below.

Schemes included in the TPD

The schemes in the TPD are provided below by district:

Schemes removed from the TPD

The TPD is reviewed throughout the year and some schemes are removed from the live list, such as schemes that have been delivered.

The list below shows which schemes have been removed from the TPD and why.