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Fenland Transport Strategy

A transport strategy for the district of Fenland has been developed, to tackle existing transport problems and address future growth, whilst supporting the transition to carbon net zero in Cambridgeshire by 2045 and other positive environmental and health outcomes. The Fenland Transport Strategy sets a transport vision for the area, focussing on better access to key services to improve the quality of life of those who live and work in Fenland.

It was adopted by the Highways and Transport Committee on 7 March 2023 (Cambridgeshire CMIS website). The strategy and emerging action plan can be viewed here.

Evidence Base

An Accessibility Report (opens as a .pdf) was produced to provide an up-to-date evidence base on the existing levels of access to key services available to Fenland residents and the variations across the district. The conclusions of this report established the focus of the Fenland Transport Strategy, to improve the poor levels of accessibility to key services.

Developing the strategy and emerging action plan

The Strategy was produced with input from County and District Members via a Member Steering Group, and key stakeholders during a six-week stakeholder engagement exercise in May and June 2022.

The report is available to read below.

The Strategy includes an emerging action plan of schemes to deliver the strategy vision and objectives.

Equality Impact Assessment

We are committed to achieving equality and diversity by ensuring we are fair and accessible to all. As part of this process we have carried out an Equality Impact Assessment for the Strategy which can be read below.

Public Consultation

The draft Fenland Transport Strategy public consultation ran between 26 September and 7 November 2022. Consultation documents can be viewed on the consultation page.

The report is available to read below.