Highway policies and capital maintenance programme

Highway Asset Management

To make best use of budgets, an asset management approach is being used to provide the best value for maintaining Cambridgeshire's highways. Further details can be found in the documents below.

Highway Asset Management Policy April 2021 v273KBpdf
Size: 73KBFile format: pdf
Highway Asset Management Strategy April 2021 v2288KBpdf
Size: 288KBFile format: pdf
Highway Operational Standards April 2021 v31.84MBpdf
Size: 1.84MBFile format: pdf

Highway Capital Maintenance Programme

Below is the Highway Capital Maintenance Programme, which forms part of the Highway Operational Standards, (Appendix R). This programme is set over the next three financial years and lays out our upcoming schemes for carriageway and footway maintenance, surface treatments, bridges, and traffic signals.

This forward works programme will be revised and re-published following any approved changes to the programme.

Highway Capital Maintenance Programme April 2021 V3725KBpdf
Size: 725KBFile format: pdf

Pothole Action Fund

To see detailed information on the work that has been done in 2019/20, you can view the Cambridgeshire Pothole Action Fund final report.

Cambridgeshire County Council Pothole Action Fund 2019-202062KBpdf
Size: 62KBFile format: pdf

Additional Funding allocated by DfT in November 2018

The County Council has been allocated £6.6m from the Department for Transport following the October 2018 budget.  Please see below report to see where the additional funding has been spent.

Additional funding allocated by DfT 2018302KBpdf
Size: 302KBFile format: pdf