Household Recycling Centre e-permit scheme

Cambridgeshire's Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) are open for residents who have essential waste that cannot be stored safely at home. For further information on restrictions, please see our Household Recycling Centres page.

Notice for e-permit holders

E-permit holders will need to pre-book visits via our online booking system to gain entry to all nine of Cambridgeshire's Household Recycling Centres.

Please do not use the Household Recycling Centres unless you have an e-permit and have successfully booked a slot using our online booking system.

You need an e-permit to dispose of household waste at our nine Household Recycling Centres using a commercial-type vehicle or any trailer in excess of 1.5m length (excluding the towing mechanism) or 570 litre capacity.

E-permits are free of charge and will only be issued to Cambridgeshire residents on a per household basis. The e-permit allows a maximum of 12 visits to a site within a 12 month period. If you use up your allowance, you will have to wait until the 12 month period has passed to renew your e-permit.

A vehicle that requires a permit and is towing a trailer of any accepted size will count as two visits if they both contain waste.

Residents without internet access can obtain a permit by telephoning 0345 045 5207.

The following vehicles require a permit

  • Vans
  • Pick-ups / crew cabs
  • Campervans and minibuses with rear seats and fittings removed

Vehicles must be no larger than a standard Transit van (5m length and 2m high)

  • Trailers between 1.5m and 2.5m in length (excluding the towing mechanism) or 570 litre capacity

Hire vehicles that fit into the above categories, being used to dispose of household waste, also require a valid e-permit.

Vehicles excluded from site

  • Vehicles larger than a standard, short wheelbase low roof Transit van (5m length and 2m high)
  • Horse boxes
  • Tractors
  • Driver and van services
  • Trailers over 2.5m in length (excluding towing mechanism)


Further information

Terms and conditions

HRC e-permit scheme terms and conditions
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