Household Recycling Centre Policies and Strategy

Check your vehicle is allowed entry to our sites

For information about the types and sizes of vehicles that are allowed entry to our Household Recycling Centres (HRC), and whether or not you will require an e-permit for your vehicle or trailer, please visit our HRC e-permit scheme webpage.

Read our Vehicle Size Restrictions Policy for further details.

Vehicle Size Restrictions Policy1MBpdf
Size: 1MBFile format: pdf

Vehicle Parts Policy

Explains what vehicle parts and fluids are accepted.

Vehicle Parts Policy0.98MBpdf
Size: 0.98MBFile format: pdf

Trade Waste Policy

Our Household Recycling Centres are not licensed to accept waste from commercial businesses or contractors.

Trade Waste Policy930KBpdf
Size: 930KBFile format: pdf

Waste from other sources that is not accepted

We do not accept waste from parish councils, schools, charity shops or clubs.

Chargeable Household and Commercial Waste Policy968KBpdf
Size: 968KBFile format: pdf

Tenanted Properties Policy

Tenants own household waste is accepted, but not waste from landlords.

Tenanted Properties Policy0.98MBpdf
Size: 0.98MBFile format: pdf

Construction, Demolition and DIY Waste Policy

Waste from large scale construction, demolition or renovation projects cannot be accepted at Household Recycling Centres. Small scale project waste may be accepted. Please read our Construction, Demolition and DIY Waste Policy for more information.

Construction, Demolition and DIY Waste Policy Guidance0.99MBpdf
Size: 0.99MBFile format: pdf

Household Recycling Service Strategy

This sets out our strategy for providing a household recycling service to the residents of Cambridgeshire. It is currently being reviewed following delays related to Covid.

Recycling Service Strategy 2014 - 2019 pdf (4.22MB)
Size: 4.22MBFile format: pdf