Household Recycling Centre Customer Charter

We are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. Our Household Recycling Centre service aims are set out below together with what we ask of site users to help deliver our aims.

Our aims

  • Sites should be clean, tidy and safe from hazards, and well run.
  • Staff should:
  • Be approachable, professional, friendly and helpful
  • Provide assistance when requested
  • Answer questions and give advice
  • Listen to suggestions or complaints and work with customers to resolve issues

We ask site users to:

  • Be patient when asking for assistance
  • Follow appropriate directions from site staff
  • Dress appropriately to use the site
  • Act safely to avoid harm to themselves, other users or site staff
  • Place waste in the appropriate skips/containers
  • Refrain from smoking on the site
  • Abide by the Council’s policies – Read them on our Household Recycling Centre Policies and Strategy page or obtain them from the Site Manager.

Our staff are here to help. Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Any visitor behaving in such a manner will be required to leave the premises immediately. Offenders may be banned from using Cambridgeshire Recycling Centres. Legal action may also be taken.

These guidelines have been compiled in accordance with our Customer Service Charter

We manage a network of nine Recycling Centres across the County designed to meet its statutory obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.