Waste Education Service

Waterbeach Waste Education Centre is a free to access educational service, which aims to increase understanding of waste issues and encourage actions to reduce its impact on the world around us.

The Centre is run by a qualified teacher with significant experience of delivering waste educational activities and all school activities are linked to the National Curriculum. We also run activities for community organisations and Cambridgeshire businesses.

We offer:

  • Visits to Waterbeach Waste Education Centre and Waste Management Park
  • Outreach visits to educational establishments and community groups
  • Attendance at community events
  • Downloadable resources
  • Advice on waste related issues

Free Easter Family Events

Our free family activity events will take place on Wednesday 3 April and Wednesday 10 April 2024.

Location: Waterbeach
Time: 10am to 12 noon

  • A chance to see your blue bin waste being sorted
  • Free children's activities
  • Free refreshments

To sign up please email wmt@cambridgeshire.gov.uk and add Family Activity Event in the subject line.

Please note advance booking is by email only. Places are limited to 30 people per event and children under 6 years are not allowed on-site.

Education Centre visits

Located at our waste management facility in Waterbeach the Waste Education centre offers visitors a unique opportunity to see how their ‘blue bin’ household recycling waste is processed. We will also provide advice on what can be recycled and how we can reduce, re-use and repair the waste we currently throw out.

Your visit will include:

  • A chance to view the material recovery facility
  • Learn how we currently manage waste and what you can do to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle it.
  • Sorting waste for recycling
  • An opportunity to make something from waste
  • Participate in curriculum based interactive recycling workshop
  • Follow up learning material

All lessons are delivered by a qualified, DBS certified teaching professional

If you would like further information or to book a visit to the Waste Education Centre, please email the waste team - wmt@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Book a free recycling workshop

If you are unable to visit us then why not book a free outreach recycling workshop instead. we have put together fun and engaging workshops for schools, community groups and businesses to learn about what happens to household waste and how we can all do more to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our workshops are free to attend, and we can tailor the content to suit individual group needs.

Taking place between Monday and Friday, (we can also cover evening meetings) we offer outreach visits in person to your school, community group or organisation's premises.

Designed around the national curriculum, our outreach visits for school children last 60 minutes. The workshop is delivered by a qualified teaching professional.

The age range for the workshop is Key Stage 2 and above. Each workshop accommodates a single class of 30 children plus teaching staff or we can deliver at a whole school assembly.

Our workshops are Covid-19 compliant and we can conduct them outside if preferred.

Schools can book up to six workshops split over two days (up to three per day).

We have also produced a range of downloadable materials which we make available after the booking.

As well as school children, these workshops are open to youth groups.

Workshop content

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Presentation followed by question and answer session on why we recycle and landfill
  • Recyclables film
  • Bin sorting activity - what each bin is for and what goes in each one
  • Recycling processing films and presentation

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, the children will have a greater understanding of:

  • The size of waste / recycling / landfill needs
  • The process of waste sorting
  • Waste contamination and the detrimental effects, both financially and environmentally
  • Waste hierarchy

Curriculum links

  • Science KS2 / SC2 / 5F - understanding of microorganisms and the role they play in decomposition
  • Citizenship and PSHE KS2 / 2J and QCA unit 6 - communities and the sustainability of the environment
  • English and Literacy KS2 / EN1 / 3CD - learn to talk effectively with others. Qualifying and justifying their answers. Dealing politely with opposing point of view.
  • Design and Technology - KS2 / 3C and QCA unit 3 - challenge students to make things largely from waste materials

The workshops we run for community groups and businesses include:

  • An overview of the importance of waste recycling in protecting our environment
  • A presentation and films on processes involved in sorting and recycling waste
  • Guidance on which household waste items you can recycle
  • Advice on what we can all do to minimise our household waste

The workshops last around one hour and we can accommodate 15+ people.

We can conduct outreach visits on weekdays, evenings and weekends.


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For more information about the Waste Education Service or to arrange a workshop, please contact:

Jon Crisp
Waste Education Officer
Email: Jonathan.Crisp@cambridgeshire.gov.uk
Mobile: 07887 387 977

Or email the Waste Team wmt@cambridgeshire.gov.uk