Please note the deadline for submitting SECONDARY admission appeal requests is 13 April 2017. All appeals received up until this date will be processed and heard by 16 June 2017, in accordance with statutory guidance.

Parents are advised that admission appeal requests submitted after 13 April 2017 will be considered but we cannot guarantee an early appeal date before 16 June 2017. Late admission appeal requests may therefore be scheduled to be heard from 19 June 2017 and over the summer holiday period.

Please refer to the timetable provided below for clarification.

How to appeal a school place decision

In Cambridgeshire, we administer admissions appeals on behalf of all maintained schools, including academies. All appeals are held in accordance with the national School Admissions Code.

The purpose of the code is to ensure that the admission appeal panel is independent and that appeals are conducted in a fair, transparent and lawful way.

You are legally entitled to appeal against the admission authority’s decision to refuse a place at your preferred school(s). Accepting a place at an alternative school does not affect your child’s place on the reserve list for your preferred school(s), or your right of appeal.

Your appeal will be heard by an independent school admission appeals panel. The panel's decision is binding on all parties: the school, the admission authority and you.

Appeals leaflet

Information for parents who wish to appeal the decision made on their child's school place.

Size: 45.77 KB File format: pdf

Appeals timetable

Information for parents on the deadlines for appealing their child's school place.

Size: 17.96 KB File format: pdf

Infant class size appeals

Infant class size legislation does not allow a place to be offered where there would be more than 30 children in an infant class. This refers to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. In an infant class size appeal, a panel may only uphold the appeal where:

  • it finds that the admission of additional children would not breach the infant class size limit
  • it finds that the admission arrangements did not comply with admissions law or were not correctly and impartially applied and the child would have been offered a place if the arrangements had complied or had been correctly and impartially applied
  • it decides that the decision to refuse admission was not one which a reasonable admission authority would have made in the circumstances of the case.

Infant class size appeal leaflet

Information for parents on infant class size admission appeals.

Size: 49.03 KB File format: pdf

How to appeal for a school place

To begin the appeals process, you will need to complete the appropriate appeal form and return it by email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can return the form by post:

School Admissions Appeals Officer
The Octagon
Castle Hill

When you complete the appeal form, please give as much information as you can about why you wish to appeal, and provide as much evidence as possible to support your case.

Primary school admission appeal form

Size: 191.50 KB File format: xls

Secondary school admission appeal form

Size: 200.00 KB File format: xls

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