Catchment areas

The geographical area served by a school is called its catchment area. In Cambridgeshire, your home address will usually be in the catchment area of one primary school and one secondary school.

You can find details of the catchment schools for your home address on a map through My Cambridgeshire.

Secondary schools also usually have linked 'feeder' schools. These are primary schools from which the majority of pupils come to the secondary school. However, attending a linked primary school will not guarantee your child a place at the secondary school. Information on the linked schools of each primary and secondary school in Cambridgeshire is available on the school search.

Key information

The following schools do not have a designated catchment area, and you will need to contact the schools concerned for further information:

Some church schools admit children from a wider area than their defined catchment area on religious grounds. Please see individual schools' admissions policies for further details.

Your rights / responsibilities

Living within the catchment area of a school does not guarantee your child a place at that school if the school is over-subscribed. The School Admissions Code ensures places are allocated in a fair and transparent way.

You do not have to apply for a place at your catchment school, although it is recommended that you include it as one of your choices.

If you choose to apply to a school which is not your catchment school, or the nearest school to your home address, you will be responsible for getting your child to and from school.

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