Council tax rebates for care leavers

Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed to refund eligible Care Leavers' Council Tax. If you have been paying Council Tax since April 2022, you may be entitled to a refund. If you are named on a Council Tax bill, with payments requested for 2023, please contact us and we will look to support you with this.


Cambridgeshire’s Local Offer for Care Leavers

Employment - We will work with you to explore your employment choices, and provide a Care Leaver Apprenticeship Bursary. Information about Care Leaver Apprenticeship Bursary on GOV.UK website. We can help you to find work within the Council and in the local community.

Education - We can support your education choices by providing a dedicated 'Care Leaver Education and Employment Coordinator.' We will show you relevant training courses and any bursaries you may be eligible for.

Accommodation - We will support with advice and guidance on your accommodation options by providing a dedicated Care Leaver Housing Coordinator. We will ensure you receive priority banding for Council Housing. We have developed links to people who can support you, if you have a housing crisis or need help with your housing benefits.

Health and Wellbeing - We will work with you around any mental health or wellbeing support you need. You can get priority access to a mental health clinician. We can help you access gyms or leisure centres.

Financial - We can provide a 'setting up home grant' following an assessment of your needs. We have negotiated Care Leaver discounts from local organisations. We will work with you to identify financial support available and help you to apply for any funding you are eligible for.

Relationships and Participation - We can help you to develop or maintain relationships with families friends or other people that  are important to you. We will encourage your participation in society. We provide a Care Leavers Forums and Children in Care Council (Voices Matter) to ensure you have a say.

Our five priorities as a corporate parent to you:

  • Being and feeling safe
  • Being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Achieving permanence and stability
  • Preparing for adulthood
  • Hearing the voices of children and young people

What if I don’t have a Personal Adviser?

If you are aged 21-25 and previously had a personal adviser but no longer do here is how you can find out about getting back in touch.

Community Champions

Some of the support that will help Cambridgeshire care leavers thrive, comes from the local community. Would you like to be a community champion, or see the offers and initiatives available.
Visit our Cambridgeshire Care leaver Champions page